LinuxMint 13 System Window Buttons and Borders Disappeared

I switched to LinuxMint 13 Maya after two things happened. First, Ubuntu still hasn’t given way with the whole Unity spiel. Then after upgrading my Xubuntu 11 install to 12, I was having performance issues on a $1,200 machine.

So I gave LinuxMint Maya a run and really enjoyed it. After a reboot I noticed all my system menus, buttons, and title bar were gone like so:

linuxmint maya menus missing

After some frustration trying to find an answer, I did manage to find a solution. It seems that the .cache folder in your user’s directory is corrupted. The easiest way to fix this:

Rebuild the user cache directory

$ cd /home/{$user}
$ sudo mv .cache .cache-backup
$ cd /home/{$user}
$ sudo mv .cache .cache-backup

Now restart, and you’ll have a new cache directory automatically generated. Simple!

foo says:

I found the solution, and it was quite simple!

=== Symptom ===

The taskbar disappears, and the system seems to be frozen.

=== Cause of the problem ===

The system is not frozen; what happened is that the screensaver and the screen unlock dialog were activated in the background, and are waiting for your password to unlock.

=== Solution ===

Just type your password!

You can’t see the unlock dialog, but it is there, waiting for your input.

=== Works in ===

Linux Mint version: 14 (nadia) with Cinnamon, 64-bit

John says:

Thanks for this solution, it definitely worked for me, while others I came across on the web were no use. One minor tweak – I found that the Terminal was also inaccessible, and that to change that I had to choose ‘Xfce session’ instead of ‘last session’ on the login screen.

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