Zachary Schuessler

Formatting Google Calendar Links With Timezones and PHP Carbon

Google has an undocumented means of linking a user to create an event on their calendar. It’s pretty simple once you figure out the parameters:

Open Stack Trace Links in PHPStorm With Xdebug and file_link_format

You’re minding your own business, when suddenly: Great, an error in a compiled view. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could click the stack trace, and open that file and line number immediately in PHPStorm? The answer is yes, it would be. In fact, this feature is so useful, hacky workarounds have existed for years […]

Laravel 5.4 Upgrade: Middleware Class Does Not Exist

If you’ve finally made the upgrade to Laravel 5.4, you may have been greeted with an ambiguous error message like this one: If you’ve hit this error, odds are you are registering middleware in a service provider or in your application at runtime. Perhaps something like this: The underlying issue is that the Laravel router […]

Password Confirmation Validation With Vue and Vee-Validate

VeeValidate is a plugin for Vue.js offering a suite of form validation tools. A common validation for password fields is to ensure two fields, one for the password and another for the confirmation input, actually match. If you looked over the list of stock validators and didn’t see it, the confirmed validator (although, perhaps oddly named) […]

Magento Print Invoice Results in ‘Only non-interlaced images are currently supported’

Fix an issue where Zend Framework errors out on PDF invoice generation.

Magento 1.7 Custom Module Setup createEntityTables() Method Fails

The createEntityTables() method has been broken for quite some time now, and in version 1.7 it still has some issues to be fixed before being used.

Easily Change Default Option Text for Configurable Products in Magento

The default text for configurable product options in Magento is too verbose. This article covers how to change the default text without extending or modifying core code.

LinuxMint 13 System Window Buttons and Borders Disappeared

How to solve an issue with a corrupted user directory taking out your precious borders and menus without warning.

Subtract and Add To The Current Selection in Photoshop

You have a selection. Now you want to alter it by adding or subtracting to it while keeping the rest of the selection. Here’s an easy shortcut to do just that.

Adobe Flash Doesn’t Work in Ubuntu Chromium

A quick fix for installing Adobe Flash on Ubuntu 12.04’s Chromium application.

WordPress Prompts for S/FTP Credentials on Local Development

You want to install a plugin on your local machine to test it out before pushing it live. Trouble is, WordPress is inconveniently prompting for FTP or SFTP credentials. Let’s solve that.

Magento Shows Install When Already Installed

Solve an issue where Magento will attempt to install itself, even though it’s already installed.

Easily Reinstall Custom Module SQL in Magento

The official method of updating a module is to create an upgrade script. But when developing, that’s too much overhead. Let’s just cut to the chase and force Magento to reinstall our module SQL.

Magento Product Edit Only Shows Default Category

An extremely annoying bug involving Magento not showing your categories in the product edit menu, solved.

‘Stock item for Product is not valid’ in Magento

Solve an issue where Magento shows an error when it is not able to access stock data.

Integrity constraint violation: Duplicate entry for key ‘UNQ_CATALOGINVENTORY_STOCK_ITEM PRODUCT_ID_STOCK_ID’

When working with Magento imports it’s possible you’ll see this error crop up. The solution is a simple fix.

Remove Annoying Magento Notifications on Administration Panel

A guide to disable the administration notifications in Magento 1.6.1.

Ubuntu Dual Boot Searching: Fix Locate Command

A quick fix to the locate command not working as expected in Ubuntu. Fixes Ubuntu files not showing and also gives a solution to removing host files (In this case Windows 7) from the search results.

How To Make A Magento 1.6 Theme From Scratch

An all-inclusive guide, from start to finish, on creating a package and theme in Magento 1.6.1

PHP Fatal Error: Uncaught exception ‘Zend_Cache_Exception’ with message ‘The apc extension must be loaded for using this backend’ in {_PATH_}

Solving an APC extension error when using Zend Framework. Goes through the process of installing APC and properly including it in your PHP configuration in Ubuntu.

Invalid Command ‘Header’, Perhaps Misspelled or Defined by a Module Not Included in The Server Configuration

How to fix the ‘Header’ error in Apache 2, running Ubuntu. Features a quick-fix of enabling the headers module.

Add Navigation Dividers With wp_nav_menu Without Trailing Divider

A solution to removing the last trailing divider in a WP_Nav_Menu. This is achieved through a WordPress function that adds a unique class to the last menu item, which can then be used to set the display property to none on the last divider.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM

A linguistics lesson in Hebrew and a tutorial on the scope resolution operator, all bundled into one.

Get Current URL Attributes in Zend With The Request Object

A guide to accessing the current URI components in different parts of a Zend Framework application: the view, controller, and in your library. This tutorial makes use of the request object and the ServerUrl view helper.